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Field Engineer

Looking for a dedicated BILINGUAL (Mandarin & English) individual who is able to work in a team to deliver precise and detailed work. We are looking for cooperative team players who are quick learners, who are responsible, and who takes initiative in every task.

* The following posting will be partly in Chinese to test and measure the candidates’ skills in the language.

Job Title: Network/Server Administrator

Job Type: Full-Time

Reporting Relationship: Customer DC Manager, Team Leader

Hours:  on average 40 hours per week, 7×24 shift schedule among 4 members

Chances of working overtime: Likely

Travel: None

Location: (1) Santa Clara, CA (2) Sterling, VA

Summary Objective of the Job

  • Quickly respond to technical issues (with network, server, IDC environment) on site
  • Provide clear updates and consistent communication with customers, IDC provider and Network/Server provider
  • Provide our clients with the finished work within the specified deadline


  • Must be fluent in English and Chinese, specifically Mandarin
  • Experienced in PC Server Installation, configuration, and trouble shooting
  • Familiarized with TCP/IP, Switching, Routing, and Optical communication technology
  • Experienced in maintenance & operation in IDC or Network Center (as an asset)
  • Able to quickly and logically asses emerging and existing problems
  • Must have a Computer Science or relevant degree.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • 负责客户IDC机房的驻场运行维护服务(服务器和网络系统)。
  • 和客户运维团队配合,完成服务器安装、部署、故障诊断,以及正常的运行监控。
  • 和客户运维团队配合,完成网络设备安装、部署、故障诊断,以及正常的运行监控。
  • 联系/协调服务器/网络设备供应商, 对现场故障设备及时更换。
  • 联系/协调IDC服务商,并处理有关事项。
  • 对系统运行中的突发事件及时报告, 并按照工作流程予以处理。
  • 现场设备的资产管理。