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Our Services

We are proud to offer a variety of IT-services in relation to Internet Data Center (IDC), including the following:

  • IDC Field IT Operation&Maintenancebanner11
  • IDC Network/Server Technical Support
  • IDC Network Cabling
  • IDC Network/Server Onsite Installation
  • IDC IT-Device Relocation
  • IDC IT-Service Software App

IDC Field IT Operation&Maintenance
Specifically targeting towards the network operation and maintenance, CAMiWell provides IT-solution services that help form, develop and enhance your business with diversifying our expertise and exploiting our deepest potential to better fulfill your needs. Based on the background of IT-solution area, our well-trained field technicians are trained with the knowledge of combining the wide-ranging technology with a variety of on-site experience. Profession, Uniqueness and Preciseness are the key words when it comes to the description of our service in the IDC.

IDC Network/Server Technical Support
We have been trying our best to help consult, support and troubleshoot for your key IT devices-Network and Server, so that your business will never leave the trail and keep moving forward. Technical consult enables our customer to focus their core goals to the business and systematic layout. Technical support is the essential service which directly reflects the condition of our service. Troubleshooting defines the criteria whenever urgent issue happens, what the instant solution should be and how it could be done. Covering with a wild spectrum of service, we lower the risk of the problem and make your function to the most extent.

IDC Network Cabling
We are the expert in the network connection in the IDC, while maximizing the functions which caters to the customer’s needs. Conducting high-quality network cabling installation in the IDC, MPO fiber optic, AOC wires, Cat5/Cat6 cables or single/multi-mode fiber, we are everything about being professional, rigorous and efficient. Silicon valley, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Amsterdam, call it as many as you may the biggest areas in the world, our cabling business has already been spreading not around the US, but as well around the world.

IDC Network/Server Onsite Installation
Regardless the scale of your business, we take over your project and help you equip with our high level service quality. From the scheme design before the implementation to confirmation of the site environment, from coordination between IDC provider and the customer to on-site implementation and problem solving, we value your business by offering you the best technician and project management, Besides, with insightful arrangement and schedule control throughout the project, we help you improve the efficiency, reduce the costs and control the overall process.

IDC IT-Device Relocation
As your company experience the expansion, migration or re-integration, we are lucky enough to have your business as we provide the professional IDC IT-device relocation service. We have experienced technician in every corner of the aspect of the project, while we also have the excellence of project management. Your device/data safety is our highest demand, and our efficiency is your most desirable expectation.

IDC IT-Service Software APP
Based on our experience in Field IT-service, our IDC IT-Service Software APP are hybrid with the instant response, fully functional display, optimal management, and big data analysis. This APP consists of most popular functional modules to meet IDC IT-Service requirement, and provide standard and flexible interfaces to integrate with client’s other applications. This APP also provide Data analysis and report functions to help our customer know how the Data Center is running. This APP is deployed in cloud computing environment to meet high volume access.