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IDC IT-Service Software APP Service

Based on our experience in Field IT-service, our IDC IT-Service Software APP are hybrid with the instant response, fully functional display, optimal management, and big data analysis. This APP consists of most popular functional modules to meet IDC IT-Service requirement, and provide standard and flexible interfaces to integrate with client’s other applications. This APP also provide Data analysis and report functions to help our customer know how the Data Center is running. This APP is deployed in cloud computing environment to meet high volume access.
The APP is the upcoming project that we are in the process of development, which mainly includes the following functional modules:

Field engineers work ticket order management
The system is very intuitive and will cut to the chase, enhancing the quick response of the on-site engineers, facilitating the follow-up maintenance work.

Field engineers operation and maintenance processing system
Being an operation guide and working steps instruction, we will be creating operation and maintenance processing system, which is the basic directory to the field engineers.

Field engineers evaluation management
Every end of the project and season, we take reviews of every engineer, making analysis to his performance, giving out reasonable advices, implementing the rewarding system.

Operation and maintenance service knowledge management
Training courses include concepts introduction, principles explanation, case studies, problem-solving process, etc.

IDC IT-Service Analysis and Report
Based on the massive historical data retrieved from daily report, this APP can provide detail and comprehensive performance report about the data center and field engineers through the powerful analysis module.