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IDC Network Cabling Service

We are the expert in the network connection in the IDC, while maximizing the functions which caters to the customer’s needs. Conducting high-quality network cabling installation in the IDC, MPO fiber optic, AOC wires, Cat5/Cat6 cables or single/multi-mode fiber, we are everything about being professional, rigorous and efficient.
We focus on the following issues to provide our customer with the safety and reliable network cabling service:

Planning and Onsite Inspection
Our skilled technicians always inspect onsite before the project, and study the requirements, figure out the systematic organization by calculation the length of the fibers and the positions of the racks, coming up with the classification and adjustment.

Our experienced workers facilitate the stringency and beautifulness of cabling, not only it has the most enjoyable appearance, it also has the warranty of correct positioning and smooth functioning.

Labeling and functional Plug-in
While the process is done as mentioned above, we provide the service for the labeling and wires plug-in once the equipment is ready. This is the final but most crucial step to the whole construction, which requires attention and responsibility.

Cabling quality control
We have experts focusing on the quality and schedule control over the timeline. It is by following the instructions that we must finish the project on time, as we will present the schedule before the implementation of the project, and will give out the coordination plan if anything changes throughout the completion of the project.