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IDC Network/Server Technical Support

We have been trying our best to help consult, support and troubleshoot for your IT services so that your business will never leave the trail and keep moving forward.
We provide the following technical support services:

There are a good amount of areas we take care in the consulting, like project scoping and planning, business process and system design, project management support, information technology security, etc. Feel free to ask questions and we will figure out the best way. In some specialized fields, we may even develop customized software or other products for the client.

Technology Support
We have the services commissioner who has exclusive contact number that can stand by 5*8, also we create the spare parts database in our warehouse, ensuring the sufficient provision.

Basically using the exclusion method on the problem of the hardware and diagnostic software, our engineers will provide onsite or remote service to figure out and do the debug in a short period of time.