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IDC Network/Server Onsite Installation Service

Regardless the scale of your business, we take over your project and help you equip with our high level service quality. From the scheme design before the implementation to confirmation of the site environment, from coordination between IDC provider and the customer to on-site implementation and problem solving, we value your business by offering you the best technician and project management, Besides, with insightful arrangement and schedule control throughout the project, we help you improve the efficiency, reduce the costs and control the overall process.
Talking about the network/server installation project, we are never new to this.

We take deep exploration to the project. We will generate the project construction scheme, which includes the equipment table, the installation instruction, the network construction plan, etc.

On-site Inspection
We plan our on-site inspection to guarantee the implementation to make sure we have the sound environment and nothing would come in the way when we begin. We will be reporting the problems while making sure our documents and workers are ready and prepared.

We have the specialized engineer/technician do the setup and configuration. We have the incoming problem solved in the possibly short time period, of which the disconnection to the vendor, the unexpected public area construction, the failed parts in the servers are among many of the emergency we have been dealing with for the past projects.

Daily report and acceptance report
For daily implementation work, we send daily report when finished to our customer. We also compose the final report to the customer. Not only we presented the report where every detail will be mentioned. There won’t be any ignorance and we will make good archive to the project, making the customer’s benefit to the most.